1. Suitable gym clothing and clean trainers must be worn at all times. Denim is not permitted. No sandals, formal shoes or bare feet.

  2. Towel use is mandatory.

  3. Ask a trainer how to use new equipment properly and safely.

  4. Help is protect the floor, please refrain from dropping weights.

  5. Re rack the weights after use.

  6. Don’t monopolise equipment.

  7. Please return equipment to its place and wipe down machines after use.

  8. left clean and dry and replaced in the correct area.

  9. No food or beverages other than water allowed on Gym floor and studio areas.

  10. Maintain a safe distance from the mirrors.

  11. You may not use the gym or participate in a class when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication that may affect your safety.

  12. Only Our Gym Personal Trainers are permitted to train members in Our Gym.

  13. Members must exit promptly before closing.

NB: Management reserves the right to sanction any individual or groups who do not adhere to the rules listed above